Daisyhead (US) & Sibling

Flood Floorshows presents to you

DAISYHEAD (US – No Sleep Records)
Daisyhead hails from the music capital of Nashville, TN and is one of the most exciting Emo band from the States these days. Their latest effort and their 2nd studio album ”In Case You Missed It” was releases last April on No Sleep Records. The band’s sound takes listeners back to the heyday of the 90’s and early 2000’s post-hardcore/emo while injecting their own unique edge and style.

SIBLING (UK – Close To Home)
Sibling is post-rock/pop band from the south of the UK founded by ex-Hindsights vocalist, Benio Baumgart along with friends Sam Correa and Lewis Pickering. Taking the dynamics and musicianship of post-rock and adding catchy pop hooks to create a truly unique listening experience, both live and on record. Originally a studio project, the trio now also plays live shows with an additional guitarist and bassist to further portray their emotive and expansive sound.

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Location: Kavka, Oudaan 14, Antwerp