Dance Gavin Dance x Veil Of Maya at Kavka

Mclx presents

< Dance Gavin Dance>
Dance Gavin Dance is an American post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California in 2005, out of the ashes of Farewell Unknown and Left Apart. Dance Gavin Dance incorporates many different musical genres into their palette, such as screamo, funk, and soul on top of its post-hardcore sound. 

To date, the band has released seven studio albums, two live albums and one EP. Their most recent album, entitled Mothership was released in 2016.

<Veil Of Maya>
Veil of Maya is an American metalcore/progressive metal band, formed in Oak Park, Illinois by members Marc Okubo and Sam Applebaum in 2004. The group is currently signed to Sumerian Records, having released six full-length studio albums, with the latest being False Idol. 

<Thousand Below> 

Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerp

€ 16 / € 19
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