Hetroertzen // Infinity // Ihloosuhree

– Black Metal-
After their massive show at Music City a few years ago, they come back to Kavka for an exclusive Belgian show!!!

“No Clean Singing”: This isn’t the kind of music that’s going to have mass appeal. It’s a challenging listen in many respects, unrelentingly dramatic and primarily dissonant in its melodies, often harrowing and unsettling, more dedicated to immediacy in its occult atmospherics than to the creation of hooky riffs and memorable refrains. But both the vocal and the instrumental performances are really impressive, and there’s an undeniable power and passion that flows through the music like a river of fire.

-Black Metal-
Belgian release show of “Hybris” , their 6th album !!

They play a style of Occult Black Metal, combined with aggressive, melodic, melancholic and thrash metal elements.
Influenced by the old work of Mayhem, Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Dissection, their sound is often described by criticsm as intense Black Metal with a nostalgic Scandinavian-like atmosphere, which reminds of the mid ‘90s.

-Black Metal-
Just recorded their first album in the studio and ready to present you the new songs!!

Doors- 19h00
First band – 19h30
End live music – 23h00