Itoldyouiwouldeatyou – Sibling – The Waiting Game

Pulse Agency invites!

A night in Antwerp together with:

itoldyouiwouldeatyou (U.K.)
Sibling (U.K.)
The Waiting Game (BE)

Tickets: Soon

A 6-piece indie/emo band based across the UK (though primarily London). Founded by vocalist Joey Ashworth as a solo bedroom project in college, the band has since grown, evolved and become a different beast altogether. The current line-up features two guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer and trumpet as well as most of the group pitching in on vocals. Their full-band live shows are like nothing else; explosive, dynamic, at times moving but overall just a load of fun. Their most recent release I Am Not Your Fault is a monumental body of work written by guitarist Josh See, and is as catchy as it is innovative. Just five tracks in length, the EP spans 23 minutes of dazzling twinkly math rock infused emo, with Joey’s recognizable brand of honest, playful wordplay dancing on top of Josh’s wonderfully arranged wall of sound. Produced by Bob Cooper and recorded at Airtight Studios in Manchester and Soup Studios in London, this release truly showcases the best of everyone involved in its creation – perfectly captured drums grab your attention while the precision-mixed guitars delicately guide your journey.


Sibling is a post-rock/pop band from the south of the UK started by ex-Hindsights vocalist, Benio Baumgart along with friends Sam Correa and Lewis Pickering. Starting as a studio project the trio eventually decided to they wanted to play the songs they were writing live, with additional help from a third guitarist and bassist to further portray their emotive and expansive sound. Their debut EP ‘Miserable Love’ was released late 2016 and met with critical acclaim, being included in many record of the year lists. With their second EP ‘Dream You Away’ expected mid-2017 the band plan to meet what’s expected of them and make their mark on the alternative music scene. Taking the dynamics and musicianship of post-rock and adding catchy pop hooks to create a truly unique listening experience, both live and on record.


The Waiting Game
The Waiting Game is a Belgian indie punkrock band that combines the creativity and experiences of 5 weathered souls from all over the (punk) rock and hardcore scene. Having conquered lots of hearts and stages with bands such as Campus, Get Off My Shoes and The Violet, the guys combine their strengths in an original and recognizable signature sound. Think fresh punkrock, emo and screamo with a strong 90’s vibe and an endless amount of passion.