Meat Wave (US/Side One Dummy) at Kavka


(US/Side One Dummy/Big Scary Monsters)

Meat Wave is one of the most exciting bands coming out of the Chicago punk scene. With the release of their third album ‘The Incessant’ the bands 24 year old frontman Chris Suttar started writing brutally un-varnished lyrics about himself: about his self-indulgence, arrogance, fear of the future, isolation, and feeling totally at the whim of uncontrollable emotions. And thank god he did. The Incessant is a bracing, emotional punk record that confronts taking re-sponsibility for your actions with dark humour and self-deprecation, drawing influence from acts like The Breeders, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, and, yes, Fiona Apple, as much as Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Jeffrey Eugenides’Middlesexand the poems of Emily Dickinson and Sutter’s friend Hannah Gamble.

<Prince Beastly>
From a small kingdom right in between the depths of hell and the heavenly plains, hails this 5 headed adversary. With the power of rock ‘n’ roll on his side and the earthly girls already in his pocket, He is ready to annexate your clubs and basements. Bow now or be doomed forever, in the name of the crown! 

€ 10/ €13

Oudaan 14, 2018 Antwerp