Nothington / Harsh Realms / Olde Souls

JH Kavka, Midwestern Sessions, Bearded Punk Records and Brakrock Ecofest are teaming up for this rad show:

Nothington (US)
The last months – or even years – all we heard of Nothington was a whole lot of… silence. Luckily for us, Jay Northington & Co haven’t been sitting on their hands. Well, on the contrary, they’ve put a lot together behind the scenes: they released a new song ‘Cobblestones’, announced a new album and planned a long-awaited European tour. Or maybe we need to say long-awaited extended birthday party? Indeed, these punks come over to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first album ‘All In’ in a very appropriate way: a ‘Ten-Year-Anniversary-Tour’!
2017, we are ready for you!

Harsh Realms (NL):
Harsh Realms has been the greatest thing to come out of The Netherlands since sliced… cheese. Their ability to blend catchy hooks with raw, straight into your gut punkrock already earned them support slots for the likes off the offspring and the flatliners. That’s more than a written quality stamp we could ever give them. Besides being huge rockstars, they’re also the nicest guys ever so be sure to be the first at the crime scene and the last at the party scene!

Olde Souls (BE):
Olde Souls are four people that met by coincidence. A trusted old recipe with a fresh twist, brought about by the dynamic of a new friendship. Their blend of americana melodies and punk rock punch is both soothing and uplifting. The autobiographical lyrics deal with failure and regret, are often of a melancholic quality but always exhibit a thirst for life.

DOORS: 19:00
DAMAGE: 10 / 15

X : 19u00 – 19u20
Olde Souls: 19u40 – 20u10
Harsh Realms: 20u35 – 21u20
Nothington: 21u45 – 22u45

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