Procession // Epitaph // Hooded Priest

OnderGronds is very prouwd to announce the 
“PACTO DE SANGRE” The Doom Of Europe tour 2017

-Heavy Doom Metal-
Formed in Chile in 2006 and currently about to unleash their new opus “Doom Decimation” (High Roller Records, 2017), Procession are no new-name for the lovers of heavy sound, weeping guitars, pounding drums and majestic vocals. After re-locating to Sweden in 2009 and with one EP and two full-lenght releases out, they have managed to tremble the festival scene in Europe as well as gathering up a loyal fan-base of both old and young doom-heads all over the continent. The new album follows the lead and traces left on “To Reap Heavens Apart” (acclaimed by many as “the” doom metal album of 2013) which means traditional doom metal performed with a great sense of melody, strong production, classic heavy metal structures and lyrics for the end of times. Not to miss out by the fans of the likes of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solstice, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest…’coz when the scando-southamerican iron fist of doom will hit you, there is no escape!

-Dark Doom Metal-
Epitaph was spawned in 1987, by Black Hole escapees Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari (a.k.a. Luther Gordon and Nicholas Murray, drums and guitar/bass guitar respectively during Black Hole´s heyday). Leaving the aforementioned band after releasing the Land of Mystery album in 1985 that prodigiously flawed gem of weird and occult doom wishing to vent their passion in a crunchier metal way, they put on the short-lived Sacrilege, which in turn horridly blossomed into Epitaph proper: an act deeply rooted in the revered Italian dark sound tradition. 

In the years that followed, while leaving a wake of blistering shows, three demos were released, which are now relics much sought after. Now, after a dreadful hiatus of almost 20 years, Epitaph are back into the fold, having compulsorily enrolled the services of Emiliano il Confessore (one time singer in All Souls Day) and hard-bluesman Lorenzo Loatelli as the new guitar player.

The long gestated full-length album, “Crawling out of the Crypt” boasting both new and revamped old material, was released in 2014 through High Roller Records and has steadily gained appreciation ever since.

-Heavy Doom Metal-
A seminal part of the European doom metal scene for many years, Hooded Priest are now ready to embark upon their next sonic adventure. With a revamped line-up and the release of their new EP “These Skies Must Break” these doom metal veterans continue their relentless exploration of the dark, the dismal… the heavy.

Doors – 19h00
First band – 19h30
End live Music – 23h00