Scissorfight // Fórn // Backwoods Payback // Mont-Doré

SCISSORFIGHT(us): Mud driven bluesmetal to the fullest!
Riffs tasty as fuck, meaty and dirty & equally as important, new vocalist Doug Aubin does an admirable job of taking over for the much-beloved Ironlung with typically Scissorfight-ian lyrical themes. TITS UP!:

BACKWOODS PAYBACK(us): 3 dudes, 1 gal rocking harder than you:

FÓRN(us) channels its will to create cavernous wells of sludging doom atmosphere. These sounds seem to spring from the depths of the human mind, born from a place of grime and filth where no light can go:

MONT-DORE(bxl): a collective gathered around a manifesto, as they describe it, concerning violence and peace in the act of climbing sensibilities. Unrestricted punk/postrock madness: